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Available for $0.99, today only

Blue Steel Chain: A Trowchester Blues Novel - Alex Beecroft

It's normally $6.99. This appears to apply to Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble, but not All Romance Ebooks.


This one is m/m romance starring one asexual character. I haven't read it, although it's on my "maybe one day" list. I had previously passed it by several times because reviews mention that the asexual character is in an extremely abusive relationship and even several Beecroft fans felt that the on-page abuse was a bit much.


I'm still debating whether to get it. Even assuming the on-page abuse doesn't bug me, the fact that the abused character is asexual might. I'm reminded of Victoria Zagar's Wings of Destruction, in which the asexual main character had previously been raped. The story came perilously close to making it look like the character was asexual because he'd been raped, and I worry about the same thing happening here.


Whoops, I haven't done such a fabulous job of making this book sound appealing. Anyway, if you're still interested, it's super cheap right now!