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TBR Thursday - Kobo sale edition

I have plenty of books in my TBR. I don't need more. But I always want more, and this Kobo sale was the perfect excuse. I'm used to All Romance Ebooks rebate sales, where you pay the full price but get money back in the form of Ebook Bucks you can spend on the site. A sale with actual reduced prices was too much to resist.


I've been wanting to bulk up my f/f TBR for a while now, but OMG are most of the titles that catch my eye expensive. I might pay a full $9.99 for an author I like (I was eventually going to do that for the Jane Fletcher book), but I'm more cautious about new-to-me authors. The sale allowed me to be less cautious.


The Shewstone - Jane Fletcher  The Second Mango - Shira Glassman  Protector of the Realm - Gun Brooke  

Hakusan Angel - Alex Powell  The Caphenon - Fletcher DeLancey  Daughter of Mystery - Heather  Rose Jones  


The rest was a mix of things, all sci-fi and fantasy that had made it on my "want to read" list at one time or another.


The Steerswoman - Rosemary Kirstein  Reality 36 - Guy Haley  Hellspark - Janet Kagan  

Halfway Human - Carolyn Ives Gilman  Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen - Lois McMaster Bujold  Fourth World (The Iamos Trilogy) (Volume 1) - Lyssa Chiavari  

The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox - Barry Hughart