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Fellowship of Fantasy ABC Challenge - H

The original post is here.


I primarily debated between three different characters for this one: Hiresha from A.E. Marling's Enchantress books, Hermione from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books, and Princess Harriet Hamsterbone from Ursula Vernon's Harriet Hamsterbone series.


As much as I like Harriet's attitude (variations of "I'm going adventuring and I'm a princess, so adventuring is literally a thing that princesses do!"), I narrowed it down to the other two. Before I woke up this morning, I figured it'd be Hermione for sure, but I just changed my mind. I choose Hiresha.


I do like Hermione. She's the smart girl who refused to be quiet when other people made fun of her for being a know-it-all. But there were several choices that Rowling made for her that I wasn't thrilled about (the magical plastic surgery, Ron).


Hiresha, on the other hand, is a character I started off iffy about and who I've gradually come to enjoy more and more. She has narcolepsy and hates it, because it interferes with her dream of marriage and children. In an effort to cure herself, she studied to become an Enchantress, the one profession where her narcolepsy is actually an asset. She's brilliant and willing to look at things from a new angle. I've only read the first two books, but she's already come a long way, reevaluating her goals and rethinking what she (and society) thought she knew about how her magic works.


That's my first character choice to come from a self-published series, but there's at least one more coming up.