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In mourning for a store

My town's big entertainment store will be closing soon. We have three bookstores in town, and two of them are really terrible used bookstores - this place is the only place besides Walmart's itty bitty books section where people can browse and buy new books.


This is the place I went when I needed to calm down and find peace after attending a coworker's husband's funeral. It was helpful being surrounded by books that weren't my responsibility (the only drawback of working in a library is that I can't go there without seeing the books as future or past work). In general, I liked to browse their bargain books, manga section, and SFF section. I'd also go there to pick out books to give to my sister's kids, since her schedule rarely gives her time to take them to a library (also, she still doesn't trust them not to destroy the library books).


The last book I bought there was Mass Effect: Revelation by Drew Karpyshyn, only a few weeks ago.


Oh, I'm so sad. The nearest big bookstore will now be an hour and a half away, and our public library is tiny, underfunded, and has terrible hours.