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Fellowship of Fantasy ABC Challenge - M

The original post is here.


I managed to narrow it down to either Moist von Lipwig from Terry Pratchett's Discworld books or Maia from Katherine Addison's The Goblin Emperor.


I settled on Maia in the end, because I love that he's a character whose main strength is his kindness. He goes from being a mostly forgotten and unloved youngest son to emperor in an instant, and not everyone is happy about this. There are huge gaps in his knowledge, and people who want to trip him up or even kill him, and he deals with it by taking a risk and trusting a few people, being nice or at least civil to nearly everyone, and learning as quickly as he can. Being kind doesn't solve all his problems, not by a long shot, but he does win over several key individuals.


Ruthless schemers can certainly be lots of fun (there's going to be at least one of those in my picks for this challenge), but it's nice to see characters like Maia manage to survive horrible political machinations too.