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Fellowship of Fantasy ABC Challenge - Q, R, S

The original post is here.


I fell a little behind due to issues with "Q," which made it easy to fall behind a little more. This is my "catch up" post.




Okay, "Q" sucks. From what I can tell, fantasy authors don't give their characters "Q" names if they can help it. All I can come up with is Professor Quirrell from the first Harry Potter book. I don't actually like him, either in general or as a villain, but he's literally the only character I could think of whose name began with "Q."


"R" is so much better. I'm going with Rakushun from Fuyumi Ono's Twelve Kingdoms books. His rat form is kind of adorable, and he has a lovely personality to go with it. He's the first completely trustworthy person Yoko encounters in the Twelve Kingdoms, and he puts up with Shoukei tremendously well, inspiring her to think about herself and the world around her a little differently.


"S" is hard - lots of wonderful fantasy characters have names starting with "S." I settled on Sings-to-Trees from T. Kingfisher's Nine Goblins. He's an exhausted and pragmatic elven veterinarian who loves animals enough to be willing to deal with them during their worst and/or most difficult moments. I really hope the author plans on including him in more stories.