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Ancillary Mercy - Ann Leckie

I'm so frustrated with the Booklikes staff. If they're planning on killing the site off, I wish they'd officially let us all know. Well, deep breaths, deep breaths.


This book, at least, is wonderful. I'm enjoying it just as much on a reread as I did the first few times around. I love the characters, I love the way everyone interacts, I just love everything.


I'm still jotting stuff down on a little notecard. Here's my latest notes dump:


- I really like the way Leckie writes Breq's emotional reactions. It's rare that Breq tells readers how wrecked she is. Instead, we learn that she's too overwhelmed for her body to handle it via other characters. For example, Breq's crying after her rescue.


- I love the entire Breq/Ship/Seivarden thing, even though part of me is a bit torn on Seivarden. Breq is basically her crutch, to the point that she falls apart when Breq is gone too long, and that's not healthy. It helps that there's at least some evidence that Seivarden is trying to work past that, and maybe she'll make more progress after the biggest crises are over. Too bad readers don't get to see that. I wish there were a fourth book.


- "Medic, I do understand you miss the previous fleet captain, I do myself, but it's hardly this one's fault. And she's very much like the previous one, really. She's even making every effort to grow another leg for you." (188)


Lol. I love the brief humorous moments in this book. Oh, Translator.


- I still wonder about the Dlique vs. Zeiat thing. If Dlique is a liar, Zeiat could very well be Dlique. Or Zeiat could just be confused. Well, there's really no way to get a good answer, not unless Leckie writes more about the Translators in the future.


- Mercy of Kalr, lulling Breq to sleep with data from its crew. ♥


- "'Besides, it is a cake now.' She frowned. 'Or are the cakes counters now?'


'I don't think so, Translator,' I said. 'Not either way.' Carefully I stood up from my chair.


'Ah, Fleet Captain, that's because you can't see my imaginary line. But it's real.' She tapped her forehead. 'It exists.'" (208)


You could apply this to Breq's dislike of people saying she doesn't seem like she's an ancillary. According to many of her crew members, Breq has crossed the imaginary line between "not human" and "human." In their minds, she's human now, or close enough to it that she might as well be. In her mind, she's still an ancillary. I can only imagine how confusing the Presger would find categorization that differs depending on who you're talking to, and in what circumstances.


- (216) Another ♥: Mercy of Kalr telling Breq to sit down, via Etrepa Four. I love this crew so much.


- (227) And another ♥: Kalr Five giving tea to an ancillary. No words necessary - everyone in the room knows the significance of that.