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Reading slump and a K-drama I'm hate-watching

Warning: Long post that has very little to do with reading or books. But hey, if K-dramas interest you, read on.


I've finally admitted that I'm in the midst of a vicious reading and reviewing slump. If it weren't for audiobooks (bless C.J. Cherryh's Foreigner and Daniel Thomas May's narration), I probably wouldn't be reading anything at all right now.


In an effort to work up enough emotion to hopefully break out of my reviewing slump, I'm hate-watching a Korean drama right now. It's called Noble, My Love, and the relationship dynamics are 50 Shades-esque. Not in the BDSM sense - more in the "this dude's a stalker" sense.


Here's how the first 6 episodes have gone, with spoiler tags. On the plus side, each episode is only 15 minutes - that's pretty much all the attention span I have right now:


Ep. 1 - She's a struggling veterinarian. He's a rich jerk of a CEO who should be loathed by everyone but isn't, probably because he's hot. He's at one of his advertising photo shoots when the doggie star of the shoot runs off. He finds the dog and meets the vet. They dislike each other at first sight.


Ep. 2 - Forget the dog. Now the CEO gets kidnapped.

He escapes but is stabbed in the process. The vet finds him and stitches him up when he refuses to let her call an ambulance. You know that moment, in some gross romances, when the "hero" has to undress the unconscious heroine and finds her overwhelmingly sexy? This is a rare (but equally gross) moment of a female character undressing an unconscious and bleeding male character and finding him hot. Such sexy bleeding abs. Blurgh.


Ep. 3 - The CEO dude sneaks out while the vet is asleep, but leaves his card, expecting her to call him and ask for payment. She never calls, so he starts to obsess over her.


Ep. 4 - The CEO can't stand it anymore and visits her. He tells her to bill him but decides that the amount she's asking for is too low, so he offers to buy her an expensive new veterinary clinic in a better area. She refuses, so he buys her building and schedules it for demolition. My favorite line: "Are you some kind of lunatic? I saved your life when you were in danger!"


Ep. 5 - The poor vet has no choice but to cave and accept the new veterinary clinic - she doesn't have enough money to move to a new place on her own, and no one will give her a loan. The CEO, by the way, has someone following her and taking pictures of all her failed attempts to get a loan. He finds her anger and tears to be hilarious. So very funny. His staff members think his bout of unrestrained laughter is cute.


Ep. 6 - The CEO learns that the vet is basically homeless - she lived in the old clinic that he demolished. He doesn't like the tiny place she decides she can afford, so he tells her she should move in with him. She yells at him, but I have a feeling she'll be doing things his way soon enough.

(show spoiler)


And that's as far as I've gotten. By the way, the kidnapping appears to have been completely forgotten. Who kidnapped him? Why? Eh, stalker CEO doesn't care.