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September 2016 Reviews


I have braved the massive slowness of BL to post my pathetic excuse for a monthly review/cover collage. I barely read or wrote anything in the past month, and only one of my four reviews was posted to BL. As such, there really isn't much in the way of "best covers" for me to pick. Instead, I'll give a quick run-down on how I felt about what I did get through:


Atelier was a good show, albeit a bit cheesy at times. Nanjo was awesome, but I hurt for

her son.

(show spoiler)


The live action Black Butler movie is a thing that exists. I expected it to be unwatchable, and it wasn't quite that bad, so yay?


Halo: The Fall of Reach was an extremely incomplete adaptation of the book. Like, it stops well before the book's halfway point. That was disappointing, as was the animation, but I guess it was okay.


And the Foreigner audiobook was good.