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KIZUMONOGATARI: Wound Tale - Cristina Vee, Eric Kimerer, Keith Silverstein, Vertical Music, NisiOisiN

"God, which is to say 'me,' has spoken."


I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to find that line funny, but I do.


Anyway, yay, I'm past the halfway point! My opinion is still that this is a wonderful production and horrible book. Today's listening has given me:


- Writing like this: "What an unfathomable woman! Carelessly requesting something of her could have dire consequences." Remember, this is supposedly a teenage boy's thoughts.


- A female character talks to Araragi and then curls up to go to sleep elsewhere in the same room. Araragi is amazed at how casually she has done this. It seems to him that it would be impolite not to...do something. Yeah, sure, it would totally be impolite not to sexually assault her because she was so careless as to go to sleep in front of you. Thankfully he does nothing, but his thoughts still make him scum.


- Another female character steps out of the panties she's wearing and gives them to Araragi as a good luck charm. She's known him for maybe a few days. Also, she's wearing a skirt, so that'd be a wonderful walk home.


- Another fanboy fantasy: Araragi trains himself by reading volume after volume of various action manga series. I'm okay with this. Too bad I can't opt to keep this and ditch all the panty scenes. It'd probably shorten the book by at least an hour.