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Mindline (The Dreamhealers) - M.C.A. Hogarth

I finished my reread this morning. Rereads seem to be my only substantial reading, at the moment.

Anyway, I still loved Jahir and Vasiht’h. I had forgotten, however, how mad parts of this book made me when I first read it. I became really upset during the bit where Jahir essentially repeatedly courted death to prolong comatose patients’ lives a few more hours. I wish Vasiht’h had been more insistent that he stop, and I wish that Jahir had paid more attention to the pain he was causing Vasiht’h. It didn’t matter that I knew it would work out in the end – it really bothered me that the book seemed to be saying that, yes, Vasiht’h should back off more and let Jahir make his own mistakes (and not only that, join him), because in this situation Jahir’s mistakes came close to killing both him and Vasiht’h.


I still prefer the first book, although both books have their pros and cons.

I’d like to do another reread, preferably something light. At the moment, I’m thinking maybe Elizabeth McCoy’s Queen of Roses. I still wish she'd write a sequel for that one.