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Queen of Roses - Elizabeth McCoy

"Loren returned to its luggage cart, but stayed out of the way until Captain Manderson left the room. At that point, the Sapient wheeled out to where Corvhey and Marrin were dancing, and inquired if Roger intended to monopolize the fair damsel, or if it could perhaps have the honor of a dance. With Lady Marrin, of course; it could dance with Roger any time. The result was less surreal than Sarafina had assumed it would be, but still attracted attention. Mrs. Selsda gave the couple such a wistful look that Sarafina expected her to claim the next dance with Sapient Loren."


Looks like Booklikes is having another slow day, at least for me. :-(


Anyway, Loren's a free AI. Although I haven't forgotten about and still strongly disapprove of one thing it does near the end of the book, I still love this character. A Roger and Loren spinoff series (because of course one book wouldn't be enough) would be perfect.