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November 2016 reviews


I'm having the exact same problems with BL today that I had with it last week - it's basically unusable with Firefox, and aching slow with Chrome. I'm planning on writing some review posts today but probably won't even attempt to post them here until things speed up again. They'll be on my blog and on LibraryThing. My blog has no spoiler tags but does have the ability to comment, while LibraryThing has spoiler tags but no commenting ability.


Anyway, I'm in some kind of weird not-quite-slump right now. I still have about 13 books to go before I'm done with my reading challenge, which basically means only manga, graphic novels, and children's books can save me now. The problem: the only reading I've been doing lately is e-book rereading. My reviewing could be going better, too. I have so many reviews I want to write, and even a fairly good idea of what I'd say, I just don't want to actually write. Blah.


Of the stuff I reviewed in November, the Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun volumes were definitely the best. Mr. Holmes turned out to be more a drama about growing old than the Holmesian mystery I was expecting. Battle Creek was okay, but if I had known that it had been cancelled and that its one and only season ended with

a prominent character bleeding on the ground

(show spoiler)

, I might not have started watching it in the first place.


The best cover of the month:


Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun, Vol. 3 - Izumi Tsubaki