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Smashwords "Read an Ebook" Week

Whenever this time of year rolls around, I always end up clicking through page after page of books, hoping to find a few potential gems for free or cheap. Never mind that I have plenty of e-books to read, and that I still haven't gotten around to reading most of the stuff I've downloaded in past Smashwords sales.


So far, I've come across a set of books that made me think of Murdoch Mysteries (all free - confusing series numbering), one collection of sci-fi stories I'm mainly getting because one story features an AI (free), and J.J. Chow's mystery Seniors Sleuth, which contains this bit:

"Winston swiveled in his black mesh computer chair and surveyed the office. Not a bad look for the mother-in-law unit. With no wife and family to speak of, the spare room used to be his man cave. But he had swept all the consoles and accompanying video games into the main house in preparation for his new business, leaving only two electric blue inflatable chairs. They would serve as seats for his future clients, but he had made them classy by draping them with faux leather throws."


That last sentence makes me want to give the book shot.