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The Naked Sun

The Naked Sun - Isaac Asimov

I got lucky - my library actually owns a copy of the sequel to The Caves of Steel, so there's no need for me to get it through ILL. It isn't the same edition as the one shown in this post, but unlike my library copy, this one comes with cover art. Weird cover art.


I'm still debating how I feel about The Caves of Steel. On the one hand, the sci-fi world-building was interesting, if dated - this was a sci-fi murder mystery with a definite emphasis on the sci-fi. On the other hand, the mystery aspects were disappointing, and the characters often frustrated me. I spent a good-sized chunk of the book either saying "Baley, no" or "But the crime scene."


I liked it enough to want to continue on with The Naked Sun, although I should probably finish up at least one of the other books I'm currently reading first.