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The Blue Sword - Recorded Books LLC, Diane Warren, Robin McKinley

This is going to be a tough one to rate. I still enjoyed the story (although I wonder how I'd feel about it if it didn't have 15+ years of nostalgia attached to it). However, the narration really didn't work for me. I wouldn't say it was awful, but it made me feel distinctly like an elementary student being read to by my teacher. And also, I disagreed with her pronunciation of the Damarian words.* Unfortunately, I can't find any sort of official pronunciation guide in order to confirm which of us is correct.




* - Me disagreeing with a narrator's pronunciations doesn't always result in me disliking their narration. See Adjoa Andoh's narration for the Ancillary Sword and Ancillary Mercy audiobooks for an example. I somehow adjust to her pronunciation whenever I listen to the audiobooks and then slip right back into my own pronunciation when I read my paper copies.