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Ichi-F: A Worker's Graphic Memoir of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant - Kazuto Tatsuta

Back to this for a bit. I'm sure this was released in flipped form in order to appeal to a broader audience, but since I'm used to the usual right-to-left format I keep catching myself trying to guess which panels are fully flipped and which aren't. For example, based on the number of people who seem to be right-handed, the map of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant looks like it wasn't flipped:



The location of the driver's seat tells me that the car scenes also weren't flipped, although there are a few more subtle signs that point to that. For example, take this panel:



The guy on our left is the driver, so the driver's seat is a good indicator that the panel wasn't flipped. However, the speech bubbles are also good indicators. If this book were unflipped and you were reading the pages and panels from right to left, you'd start at the right panel and your eye would naturally move down to the next panel. This is the very top panel on the page, so the downward motion of the bubbles would lead you further down the page, to the next panels and bubbles.


Of course, since the volume is flipped you don't quite get that effect. You start with that first bubble, your eye travels upwards to the next one...and then you have to go back downwards to the next parts of the page. It's not a thing I'd have noticed back when ALL manga was flipped, but I notice it now, darn it. It also makes me wonder: in the original Japanese, did the guy on the right say what the guy on the left is now saying, and vice versa?


Then there's this panel, which was definitely flipped: