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The Mystic Marriage - Heather Rose Jones

Jeanne and Antuniet's romance makes me anxious. As much as I enjoy the two of them as individuals and want to root for them as a couple, it feels like there's a very basic mismatch.


Antuniet can devote herself to her research and experiments for hours on end. Jeanne is a social butterfly who thrives on interaction. Antuniet doesn't feel like she has much of a safety net (not quite true, but close enough that her fears aren't unfounded), and so the slightest possibility of gossip terrifies her. Jeanne doesn't mind a certain level of gossip and, in fact, has figured out how to benefit from a slightly scandalous public image. Antuniet is more reserved, while Jeanne is more openly affectionate.


I keep expecting one or the other of them to decide this just isn't working anymore. :-/