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Visual novels, continued

I just learned about a visual novel, PacaPlus, in which the main character dates a girl who has magically transformed into an alpaca. I admit, it's hitting some of the same buttons that prompted me to get Hatoful Boyfriend, the visual novel in which you date actual pigeons (you are kindly permitted to see them as humans the first time you meet them, but after that it's all birds). And Hatoful Boyfriend actually turned out to be pretty good, despite having initially been created as a joke. So...maybe there will be weird alpaca romance in my future.


I'm still working on Roommates. At the moment, I've finished up all but one of Anne's options and then I suppose I'll move on to Max (meh). It's working out to about 1-3 hours per route. I'm a bit bummed that, even in the world of this game, library budget cuts are a thing. ::sigh::