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Ichi-F: A Worker's Graphic Memoir of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant - Kazuto Tatsuta

The way the money evens out at Ichi-F is complicated, and I'm not entirely able to follow some of the stuff Tatsuta is talking about right now. It all seems to basically come down to where in the chain of companies people fall. You might have two workers at Ichi-F, each doing the same job, but they're paid by different companies. The one guy whose company is located closer to the top of the chain might be paid twice as much as the guy whose company is further down the chain, because there are fewer people taking their own cut of the money.


One of the things that makes the situation more complicated: sometimes company owners are also actual workers at Ichi-F, putting them in the position of being able to sneakily scoop up other companies' workers for different jobs. However, if someone is discovered to be doing this, they get kicked out of the area. So these talks are done in secret, like drug deals.