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Ichi-F: A Worker's Graphic Memoir of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant - Kazuto Tatsuta

From page 418: the mask Tatsuta wanted to wear in his first interview photo. They took two photos, one of him in this mask and one of him from the neck down. They used the one of him from the neck down.



Next up is stuff that's possibly Grimlock Signal-worthy: robots!



The image is from page 444 (sorry for the blurriness). It's 2014 and Tatsuta is working in an actual reactor building at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. There are low exposure areas there, but also plenty of areas where the radiation levels are too high for humans, even with protective gear on. That's where the robots come into play. They work in teams of 2-3. One robot does the 3D scanning that helps humans plan out future decommission work, one robot relays the data back to the base, and a potential third robot goes in and helps them if one of them tips over.