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Salamandastron  - Brian Jacques

This is my first Redwall book ever. Unless the story and/or characters turn out to be amazing, it'll probably be my last. The dialogue is taking more effort to follow than I'd like.


Here are a couple stoats chatting:

"'Yer right there, Dingeye. Call that 'ospitality, gettin' near drownded by a fierce waterdog, nearly et by a monster fish, an' 'avin' flowery soap stuffed up yer nose. Hah! An' that's besides bein' bopped on the bonnet by a mole with a pole.'


'Yer right, mucker. If I'm not dead with flooenzer from gettin' a bath by nightfall, me name ain't stoat!'"

And that's actually not too bad. Here's Arula the mole speaking to Friar Bellows the mouse on page 38:

"'Hurr, zurr Bellers, 'ee were agoin' t' show us'ns 'ow to make a Gurtall cake, doant 'ee amember?'


The Friar gave them each a honeyed damson from a big jar. 'So I did, so I did. Hmm, you must have clean paws to make a Great Hall cake. Let me see them.'"

Oh, so "Gurtall cake" means "Great Hall cake." ::weeps bitterly::