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Star Surgeon - James White

If I miss out on today's roll, I'll use the time to finish up one of the other things I'm currently reading.


At the moment, Conway and the Monitor Corps are about to help out a nearly immortal alien named Lonvellin who likes to travel to random planets and make things better (I have so many questions and thoughts, but whatever). Lonvellin's newest project happens to be Etan, a planet with natives that look a lot like humans (I feel like I've entered a Star Trek episode) and that react violently towards beings that look differently from themselves.

"Etan was beset with much sickness and suffering and narrow, superstitious thinking, their reaction to Lonvellin being a shocking illustration of their intolerance towards species which did not resemble themselves. The first two conditions increased the third, which in turn worsened the first two. Lonvellin hoped to break this vicious cycle by causing a marked improvement in the health of the population, one that would be apparent to even the least intelligent and bigoted natives. It would then have the Corpsmen admit publicly that they had been acting under Lonvellin's instructions all along, which should make the e-t hating natives feel somewhat ashamed of themselves. Then during the perhaps temporary increase of e-t tolerance which would follow, Lonvellin would set about gaining their trust and eventually return to its original long-term plan for making them a sane, happy and thriving culture again."


Conway thinks this sounds like a "very good plan," by the way. I'm less optimistic. It'd be nice if bigotry were that simple to overcome in real life...