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Against the Paw - Diane Kelly

I've been having a little trouble with Booklikes this morning. Crossing my fingers that it doesn't get worse.


Anyway, this book. I'm iffy about it so far, for a few reasons.


- I'm not sure I like Megan. She has some annoying blind spots. I raised an eyebrow at a bit about traffic tickets (I don't think it's a stretch to think that a traffic ticket that has typos and other errors might be incorrect in other respects, but Megan feels otherwise). Also, one of her fellow cops is a disgusting sexist pig who is protected by the fact that he happens to be friends with the chief of police. Rather than be angry that this connection is what's protecting the slimeball, she's just disgusted with the slimeball and relieved that she wasn't fired when she tased him (!!!) for making particularly disgusting suggestive comments when they were partners.


- The author uses 3 POVs. First person for Megan, third person for the dog, and third person for the peeping tom. I'm worried about the potential for the dog POV to be too cutesy, but so far there hasn't been enough dog POV for that to be a problem. I have issues with Megan's POV, like I said, but think it's probably a good thing that her sections are in first person - I'd be more annoyed with some of her blind spots if they were present in third person narration. As for the "killer peeping tom" POV, I was not expecting that in a cozy mystery. :-/