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Against the Paw - Diane Kelly

Blast is Megan's boyfriend's bomb sniffing dog. Brigit is Megan's K-9 partner. Brigit is supposedly on a diet but has so far eaten more on-page in this one book than many human characters eat on-page in an entire series. And now we have this:


"Brigit and Blast polished off the box of crackers in two minutes flat. Remembering that she'd been chastised before for eating people food without permission, Brigit decided it would be best to eliminate the evidence, so she ate the cardboard box, too.


Not bad. Not bad at all."


Okay, so the dog POV bits have been mostly worthless in terms of what they contribute to the mystery (the one exception could easily have been handled by the peeping tom POV that came right after it), but this made me laugh. I'm glad the tone of the book has been pretty light though (other than the creeper POV), or I'd worry more about Brigit accidentally poisoning herself.