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All right, I'm going to do those extra Booklikes-opoly rolls

The three extra rolls turned into eight extra rolls. You can get all the ridiculous details below, but here are the two extra books I selected as a result of those rolls. Because I only wanted two extra books besides Decision at Doona, darn it.


Baccano!, Vol. 1: The Rolling Bootlegs - Ryohgo Narita  Redshirts - John Scalzi  


I'm considering Baccano: The Rolling Bootlegs to be a book with a main character who knows how to use a gun (although technically it's "several main/prominent characters who know how to use a gun"), and Redshirts to be a book that involves time travel (maybe a spoiler, since I only found this out via tagging and not the publisher's description).


This means I don't get to roll again until I've finished Decision at Doona, Baccano, and Redshirts.




I missed Moonlight Reader's original post about today's extra rolls but learned about them later when I spotted BrokenTune's extra rolls post. I was thinking of passing on it due to the high likelihood that three extra books might leave me not being able to roll for as long as two or three weeks, due to how little reading I get done on weekdays. But you know what? I can just decide to reject one or more of the extra rolls. I'm going to limit this to only two extra books, which I think is a small enough number, combined with Decision at Doona, that I'll maybe be able to roll again in a week.


First extra roll:



I want to limit how many extra books I end up with, so of course I roll doubles and get to roll again. Lol!


Extra extra roll:





That puts me at Tomorrowland 34 for the first roll, and Frontierland 4 for the extra roll after that. I have a few books that might work for Tomorrowland 34, but I'm not really interested in any of them at the moment, so I'm going to skip that one. I have some rereads that I could definitely use for Frontierland 4, but I think I'm going to skip that one too.


Second extra roll:



This puts me in jail, which means I get yet another extra roll. Good grief.


Extra second roll:



And now I'm visiting the jail, which I guess means I get yet another "second" roll. Jeez.



This is getting ridiculous. Okay, now for another extra roll!



Are you serious. Okay, time for an extra extra (extra) roll.



The non-jail/visiting jail spots:



According to its tagging on both GR and LibraryThing, John Scalzi's Redshirts includes time travel. The description mentions nothing of the sort, but I'll trust the tagging and go with that for Tomorrowland Station. I choose to skip Paradise Pier 31, although it'd be easy enough to find a book for that if I land on it again sometime during the game. My choice for Frontierland 2 is a little iffy, but I think it works: Ryohgo Narita's Baccano: The Rolling Bootlegs. I just got the second book in the series in, so I'd like to read this first one. If the book is anything like the TV show, it doesn't really have a single main character but rather a bunch of ongoing story threads. Many of the characters who star in those threads know how to handle a gun, though.


Third extra roll:




My little cat has landed right back on the spot it occupied after my very first roll. I'm going to pass on this one.


Here's a picture of my little cat's "extra rolls" journey: