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Redshirts - John Scalzi

I've read two of Scalzi's books prior to this. One was pretty good (Lock In) and one was a horrible failure (The Android's Dream) that potentially could have turned me off of Scalzi's books forever if I hadn't read one of his good ones first. This is turning out to be one of the good ones. On an unrelated note, I can actually "hear" everything in this book in my head in Wil Wheaton's voice. It's like his voice and Scalzi's writing are a perfect match.


I laughed at this bit, and then felt kind of bad about it. Poor Grover. Also, seriously, Duvall couldn't find someone better to sleep with than Kerensky?

"'Yes, that too,' Kerensky said, and looked down at the body. 'Poor man. This was his last away mission.'


'Well, yes,' Finn said.


'No, I mean that his term of duty was over in just a couple of days,' Kerensky said. 'I assigned him to this mission specifically so he could have one more away experience. A last hurrah. He tried to beg off of it, but I insisted.'


'That was deeply malicious of you,' Dahl said.


Kerensky nodded, either not knowing what malicious means or simply not hearing it, apparently lost in reverie. 'A shame, really. He was going to get married, too.'"