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Humble Book Bundle: Super Nebula Author Showcase

I'm definitely considering getting this one. The titles that caught my eye after a brief look through were:


- The Healer's War by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough - I enjoyed Powers That Be, one of her collaborations with Anne McCaffrey.


- Reading the Bones by Sheila Finch - Xenolinguistics!


- Inside Job by Connie Willis - I've enjoyed everything I've read by Connie Willis, although, granted, I think that's only been two or three books.


- Everything But the Squeal by John Scalzi - I'll either enjoy it or hate it, based on how I've felt about other works by Scalzi. So far the score is Enjoy: 2, Hate: 1.


There's also a bunch of short story collections by or including authors I'm interested in, but I have a terrible track record as far as short story collections go. I seem to be resistant to reading them, probably because I don't enjoy reviewing them. Yes, I know I could just read and not review, but I've been reviewing almost everything I read for so long that I actually feel guilty when I don't get around to reviewing something. Purposely not reviewing would feel...weird.


I already own and have read The Cloud Roads by Martha Wells, and I highly recommend it. I also own Mechanique by Genevieve Valentine via a Storybundle, but I haven't read that one yet.