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Decision at Doona - Anne McCaffrey

This is making for some uncomfortable reading.


One of the human colonists has a 6-year-old son named Todd whose behavior is generally socially unacceptable. Due to overcrowding on Earth, everyone is supposed to learn, from a very early age, how to be quiet and not take up too much space. Todd is loud, active, and rebellious. He had to be watched in four-hour shifts on the way to Doona, because otherwise he got into everything.


Whereas the other human children are having trouble adapting to life on Doona and its dangers, Todd is taking to it all like he was born there. The Hrrubans interpret his behavior as a sign that he'll be a leader one day, while the humans, including Todd's parents, are usually annoyed and horrified by Todd's habit of slipping away at every opportunity to go be with his Hrruban best friend. I don't think Todd's mother has said a single good thing about him, and Todd's father's feelings about him have been mixed but more on the negative side. One of the Hrrubans has just suggested that Todd come live with them, and Todd's mom is on board with it while Todd's dad's protests morph into agreement pretty quickly. "[I]t isn't as if we were giving Toddy away or anything."


I'll be honest: I'm not a fan of Todd. It feels like McCaffrey's laying on the "he's just a misunderstood scamp" stuff a bit thick. That said, it's painful how relieved his parents are to be rid of him.