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The Friday Society - Adrienne Kress

I hate this book. Andrew Harris, the guy Cora dislikes because he was essentially hired to replace her as Lord White's lab assistant, just convinced Cora to be less prickly towards him...and now they're making out. It started with Andrew kissing her out of the blue, apologizing, and then kissing her again out of the blue. They have literally no reason to be doing this other than they're both reasonably attractive and happen to be alone in a room together.


Also: Is it really fair to call Michiko "silent and mysterious" when her language limitations mean she can't really participate in the conversations around her? And also: Dr. Mantis has barely even done anything and he's already clearly the villain. I mean, come on, Dr. Mantis.


On the plus side, this is going to be an easy book to review, and it'll earn me $5.00 in Booklikesopoly once I manage to finish it.