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The Listerdale Mystery and Eleven Other Stories - Agatha Christie, Hugh Fraser

I have no idea how many minutes of this I've finished, so I'm switching to number of discs for my reading progress. I just finished disc 1.


"The Rajah's Emerald" - Meh. A guy named James Bond (not that James Bond) becomes increasingly grouchy at the realization that he's not as highly socially placed as the young woman he'd like to have hanging off his arm. While she and a group of friends (including James' romantic rival) go swimming, James has to wait in line. He decides to cheat a bit to get in sooner but ends up accidentally walking off in someone else's pants...and whoever owns those pants apparently stole the Rajah's emerald and stuck it in their pocket.


I didn't particularly like James, and the whole situation with the pants just didn't work for me, although it was just ridiculous enough to be a little entertaining. 2 stars.


Next up is "The Golden Ball."