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Robert I. Sutton
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The Listerdale Mystery and Eleven Other Stories
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I am not a morning person

I have three alarm clocks. I used to think the first one was faulty because it worked whenever I tested it but it never seemed to wake me up in the morning. Then I had a Fitbit for a while and it told me that I really was getting up when that alarm clock went off, turning it off, and going back to bed. Alarm clock #2 usually manages to wake me up, but sometimes it takes annoyingly loud alarm clock #3.


Today it took #3. I leapt out of bed like an action hero who should have retired 20 years ago, fell halfway to the alarm clock, and then couldn't remember how to turn the darn thing off. I ended up tossing it across the room, which made the batteries fall out.


I was a little worried I'd broken one of my toes during my tumble out of bed, but it looks like all is okay. I'm just super sore. And really jealous of the people whose sleep cycles fit their work schedules and who can actually get out of bed without hilarious slapstick.