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Want to try a visual novel?

I broke down and bought the Humble Sekai Project Bundle*, which reminded me that gifting Steam keys is possible. So, if anyone wants one, let me know. From what I can tell, all it involves is sending the person you're gifting an activation code to a URL, which I could do through a message here on Booklikes.


Here's what I have, plus a little info:


- fault - milestone one & fault - milestone two side:above - (Windows, Mac OS X, or SteamOS + Linux) So far I've only played the first part - the story was so-so but the music and artwork were wonderful. This one would be very simple for those who are new to visual novels - you're only asked to make a decision once in the entire story, and your decision barely affects anything. The basic storyline: in order to save the princess she's guarding, a bodyguard magically transports her to what she thinks is a safe location, only to discover that they've ended up in a land with hardly any magic. In Part 1 they try to get back home and end up working to save a girl that everyone keeps insisting isn't really a person. I assume Part 2 involves their efforts to defeat the enemies who attacked them back in their homeland.


- WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.01 & WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.02 (the first two parts out of three total) - (This one is weird - Episode 1 works with Windows, Mac OS X, or SteamOS + Linux, while Episode 2 only works with Windows) Like fault - milestone, this is another one that would be pretty easy for visual novel newbies. I've played an hour of Episode 1, and there were no choices during that entire time. That said, this is my least favorite of the bunch, even though it's authored by the same person who wrote the Spice and Wolf light novel series. I can't remember anything about the story, but it's supposed to be a sci-fi/economic thriller. I have vague memories of the main character being an absolute jerk, but maybe this gets better as the story progresses?


Not from the Sekai Project bundle, but another visual novel for which I have a giftable Steam key (actually TWO giftable Steam keys, for some reason):


- Hatoful Boyfriend - (Windows, Mac OS X, or SteamOS + Linux) Arguably the best visual novel in this bunch that I'm gifting, although it takes a bit more work than the other ones since there are actual choices and multiple endings. This visual novel is a joke that morphed into something wonderful. You play as a human girl in a post-apocalyptic world. You are attending a prestigious school for birds and, depending on your decisions, you can romance one of several birds. The game allows you to see what each of your romantic options might look like if they were human, but only once. After that it's all birds. I never got around to finishing this one (and am a little leery of the route involving the murderous school doctor), but one of my top favorite birds is Nageki, the mourning dove. He's a tragic sweetie.



* And I just saw a discussion for this bundle which makes me question the wisdom of buying it. Many people asking "which ones are porn?" and much talk of 18+ patches. I don't intend to download the patches and will just cross my fingers that the titles that most interested me have at least halfway decent stories and are more than just porn vehicles. I mean, hey, fault - milestone one had nothing that looked like censored porn-y bits and, in fact, absolutely no dudes trying to romance the female main characters. It can't be the only decent title out of the bunch, right? Here's hoping...