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Space Battle Lunchtime Volume 2: A Recipe for Disaster - Natalie Riess

I just got this in the mail, and I couldn't help it, I read it all.


General reactions, approximately in order from the beginning of the volume to the end:

- Peony has the cutest outfit

- Pretty colors!

- I can see why Lil' Magicorn is a fan favorite on Cannibal Coliseum

- Neptunia!

- !!!

- ♥

- Neptunia! ♥

- So adorable and corny.

- I hate Chef Melonhead

- It's over already? Is this the last volume? It feels like a final volume but I want more. :(((


I very much recommend this series, whether this is the last volume or not. But if this is the last volume, then a word of warning: the ending felt a little abrupt and rushed. I really wanted Peony and Neptunia to have more nice and quiet moments together. And to actually be able to (on-page) go on that date they missed out on.


In theory, I'll write a full review soon. In practice, who knows. I need to sit down and figure out just how long my review backlog is.