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The Edge of the Abyss - Emily Skrutskie

I'm finally, finally done. OMG, I made it all the way to the end.


The first person present tense POV irked me less this time around, mostly because other things irked me more. Overall, even though this book featured more Reckoners and Reckoner battles, I'd say it was more boring than the first one. And I absolutely hated Cas and Swift's romance. The book started off with the two of them at odds (to put it mildly -

Cas found out that Swift personally injected Durga with the poison that slowly and painfully killed her

(show spoiler)

). They'd take one step forward, things would be good for a couple pages, and then something would happen, usually to do with either Durga, Santa Elena, or Cas's feelings of self-loathing whenever she remembered that she was technically a traitor, and they'd end up two steps back. It was enormously unpleasant.


I can see how the ending would be good and satisfying for someone who actually enjoyed the first book and were rooting for Cas and Swift's romance. For me, the "good" moments were too little, too late. But hey, at least Bao survived. I still think Bao was one of the best things about this series. Cas didn't deserve him.