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The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku - Yunagi, cosMo@BousouP, Muya Agami

"'Uh, I'm not sure how to put this in words, but...' I began. 'But yesterday, when we went our separate ways, you looked really disappointed.'


'Disappointed...?' She was silent for a moment - to consider the meaning of the word, I guessed - and then declared, 'That's right,' with a tone of indifference. 'I was disappointed yesterday. But today, I'm fine!'


'Uh, hmm - why, though?'


'Because I didn't know yesterday if I would get to see you again today. But I did! So now I think I'll get to see you again tomorrow, too!'




So that was it. Yesterday was the first day of Miku's life, so she didn't yet have any sense of daily life - that it would continue on into tomorrow and the day after that. But now she understood that tomorrow would repeat in a similar structure to today, which meant she could say goodbye with peace of mind." (70-71)


Okay, I want to give poor past Miku a hug now. Poor little robot girl.


It's starting to look like The Edge of the Abyss was my reading slump, because I'm actually enjoying myself now. Even though aspects of the writing still bug me, I like Miku and I like that the main character tries to treat her well (even though he doesn't always think things through and I wish he'd worry more about sending her off on her own). I was a bit worried that he'd be standoffish and cold towards her.