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Mindtouch - Currently on sale for $0.99

Mindtouch - M.C.A. Hogarth

I have no idea if this is US-only, but it's self-published so maybe not?


Anyway, this is a favorite of mine, although I only rated it 4-stars and still think that rating is appropriate due to some issues with its pacing and my dislike of the sick children storyline (warning: one child dies and I now skip that part and the grieving period after it any time I reread the book).


It's basically a slice-of-life college story with a sci-fi setting. It's one of the few soulmate bond-type stories I can think of where the bond isn't romantic or sexual, but rather a deep friendship. Probably my most-favorite book by this author. I just learned that this book is on sale because the third book in the series is about to come out. Exciting!