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Thank goodness for libraries

The Drops of God 2 - Shu Okimoto, Tadashi Agi

I haven't finished the first volume yet, but I'm already requesting the second. Thank goodness for libraries, because I doubt I'd be continuing on with this series if I had to buy all the volumes - it looks like Kodansha let the paper editions of this series go out of print and is now only offering it electronically, and I'm still largely resistant to buying e-manga. A couple of the volumes can still be purchased at their original price, but others have shot up to twice what they probably originally cost. Not as bad as some out-of-print series, but I'm still grateful for library copies.


ETA: I just realized that I'm going to be doomed to disappointment. The last volume released in English was volume 5, back in 2012. However, it looks like the series as a whole is 44 volumes long, not counting the ongoing final arc, which is currently at 7 volumes. I'll never get to see Shizuku identify all the wines. :-(  Oh well, I'll still read the volumes that are available.