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You'll Be the Death of Me! - Stacia Wolf

I chose this for the Cozy Mystery square because it's short. I just double-checked, though, and it might just be a regular contemporary romance. Crap. It isn't looking like a very good one, either.


First we have the heroine, a curvy mystery writer who is convinced that men only want her for her money (because she makes so much??? and because her curves must make her unattractive to men?). The only man Allison wants is the detective she invented for her mystery novels. The proposed cover of her newest book features a man who looks exactly like her mental picture of the detective...and who, amazingly enough, looks just like her new neighbor, who is also a detective.


Meanwhile, her new neighbor is practically panting at the sight of her (not that she notices). Whereas Allison is leery of men who only want her to pay their bills, Jay is leery of women who are obsessed with his celebrity twin brother. Who I'm pretty sure is soon to be revealed as the man who modeled for Allison's new book cover.