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Unseemly Pursuits: A Concordia Wells Mystery - K.B. Owen

Finished! It was okay. There were so many things going on that it felt a little scattered, and I caught at least one error, maybe two - the one I'm sure about is that the dean was supposed to be bald, and yet at one point in the story he'd suddenly gained enough hair to have to push it out of his eyes. At any rate, I'll probably get the next book in the series. Looks like the author is no longer on Smashwords, but thankfully she didn't go Amazon-only - I can still get the books via Kobo.


As far as Halloween Bingo goes, this would work for Cozy Mystery, Murder Most Foul, Amateur Sleuth, and Terrifying Women. Although Murder Most Foul would get me closer to Bingo, I feel like it fits Cozy Mystery a lot better since the murder had to share so much page-time with other mysterious happenings.