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I'm a librarian who loves anime, manga, and reading a wide variety of genres.

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I'm on my third full day of vacation (already?!) and I'm enjoying it. I got to go to a tea shop a couple days ago. I picked up three black teas: Cranberry Cream, Blackberry, and Blue Dragon Patronus (tastes like strawberry lemonade, sort of, but named after the blue bits in the dry tea).


The whole family finally got together, and I got to coach my youngest niece through every single bite of her beef stew. I seriously have no idea how my sister keeps her from being malnourished - this girl is so difficult. She's lucky she's at least cute.


I've been managing about 3 graphic novel/manga volumes a day. So far I've read M.F.K. (a bit disappointing, especially if it was published as a standalone rather than the start of a series), the first volume of Locke & Key (good, even though the art style doesn't work for me), and several volumes of My Neighbor Seki (a one-joke series I'd already have abandoned if I didn't have a whole pile of them from the library).