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The pet woes continue

[Sorry, lots of kitty bodily function details in this post. Ignore if you'd like. I'm just having a day. Well, week.]


Since her vomiting episode on Christmas, I've been keeping a close watch on my cat's eating and litterbox usage. It hasn't been looking good. Although her behavior has gone back to normal, she's only been eating a few pieces of kibble a day and hasn't pooped in at least the past three days. I tried giving her a few different flavors of wet food (not her normal thing, but I just wanted her to eat something), and she wasn't even interested in licking it. I took her to the vet again, and her weight had gone down a half pound since Monday. She was only about 8 pounds then, so that's a lot.


Some blood tests and a x-ray later, and they think she might be constipated. Or maybe she ate a toy or hair tie (please let it not be that). She's currently getting an enema and will also be getting a couple shots in case her stomach still doesn't feel quite right.


Here's hoping all of this helps. I was actually sitting on the kitchen floor last night, begging her to eat. :-(  (And she was all, "oh, do you want to play? or maybe pet me? love me!" OMG, just eat please.)