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The X-Files: Cold Cases - Dean Haglund, Tom Braidwood, Willliam B. Davis, Dirk Maggs - adaptation, David Duchovny, Audible Studios, Mitch Pileggi, Joe Harris, Chris Carter, Bruce Harwood, Gillian Anderson

I'm now finished with this. It was...so so. Boatloads of nostalgia, but not much of the stuff that I loved about the show. It was very aliens-centric, and the aliens + black oil storylines were never my favorites. I wish there had been more stuff like the Flukeman episode, although maybe less chained to storylines and beings from the original series.


The format resulted in a lot of odd dialogue ("Excuse me while I describe aloud everything that I'm currently seeing, since the audience can't see these mysterious lights themselves"), and the ending was a bit of a mess. Still, both Mulder and Scully had some nice lines, and I found that I appreciate Scully as a character even more now than I did back when I was watching the original series. I'm going to think about my final rating for a bit, but I think I'm leaning towards 3 stars. It could have been better, but the nostalgia factor made it a worthwhile listen for me.