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I Am Here! Omnibus Vol. 01 - 遠山 えま, Ema Tōyama

Oh wow, it took several minutes for this "compose a text post" screen to load. I'm so glad that the Booklikes people have posted that they're working on the site issues (that, ahh, were caused by their efforts to try to fix other problems, oops), because a lack of communication right now would have me wondering if things are back to where they were when nearly everybody took a break from BL out of frustration with its slowness.


Anyway, this manga. I requested it because recommendation algorithms kept throwing it at me. So far I'm unimpressed. I've read lots of similar but better works. For example, aspects of the setup remind me a lot of Kimi ni Todoke. Shy heroine, a popular guy who notices her, her efforts to try to change and make friends. However, the artwork is nowhere near as good, the author goes overboard with Hikage's invisibility to those around her, and I can't figure out why the popular guy supposedly likes her.