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Authority: A Novel - Jeff VanderMeer

This is probably not a good idea on my part, but some comments I got after I reviewed Annihilation made me decide to read the next book. It just came in via ILL. Whereas Annihilation was weirdness and exploration, the reviews make it sound like Authority is office politics and weirdness. It stars a completely different main character and takes place outside Area X.


Things I've learned so far (assuming they're not lies) that answer or add to questions leftover from Annihilation:



- The biologist, surveyor, and anthropologist all turned up outside Area X just like the people in past expeditions. The psychologist, however, did not.


- The psychologist knew more about Area X than the others in her expedition because she was, in fact, the director of Southern Reach.


- Even in his thoughts, Control (the main character, who prefers to be called Control rather than John Rodriguez) refers to Annihilation's expedition as the twelfth expedition.


- Area X has existed for more than 30 years.

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