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Oh yes, I have ILL books to finish

I Am Here! Omnibus Vol. 02 - 遠山 えま, Ema Tōyama

The second and last omnibus volume of this so-so series has arrived. I wonder, do manga volumes count for the Kill Your Darlings game? They're quick enough reads that it feels a bit like cheating to me, but I'm going to need to pause my novel-reading periodically over the next week to get through manga volumes that are going to be due back at the library soon.


My efforts to get Yusaku Kitano's Mr. Turtle, a book about a giant cyborg turtle (?) that was originally created as a killing machine and now just wants to do ordinary things like go to the library and type on a laptop, have failed. Too few libraries own copies of this, and either none of them want to lend their copies or they all charge more than the maximum our ILL department is willing to pay. I checked, and I could buy a paperback copy for $12 on Amazon. I'll put it on my "maybe" list.