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Dragon Sword and Wind Child - Miho Satake, Noriko Ogiwara, Cathy Hirano

I'm amazed at how quickly the text acknowledged that Saya primarily left her village because she was entranced by Prince Tsukishiro's gorgeous face. Saya herself even recognized this, although it took her until now to really internalize it (and I suspect she might waver a few more times before the story is over).


The writing/translation isn't very exciting, but I'm enjoying the setup. The Children of the God of Light are all immortal, while the Children of the Goddess of Darkness can die but get reincarnated. This isn't Prince Tsukishiro's first time trying to entice Saya to stay by his side. He'd probably be more successful if he didn't have that weird love-hate relationship with his sister. (I really hope they're only symbolic siblings, because eww.)