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I realized that Nahoko Uehashi's The Beast Player was supposed to come out earlier this month. Ooh, I thought, I could order it at the same time as Noriko Ogiwara's Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince!


Except no.


First, I couldn't get it to come up in an Amazon search, so I decided to try a more roundabout way. I went to the Goodreads page for the book and clicked the Amazon link there. That took me to the product page for the book, but it said that it's "currently unavailable."


A little wait wouldn't be that bad, I thought. Maybe the publisher had to delay it for some reason. Um...



January 1, 2035? I figure that's an error, or some kind of placeholder date. But then I scrolled down to the product details section.



Okay.... Hey Pushkin Press, do you want my money or not?


It looks like the only way I could get it is directly through Pushkin Press. ::sigh:: I'll wait, and maybe they'll eventually get whatever this is sorted out.