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Non-book post: Tabula Rasa

I've been watching this Belgian show called Tabula Rasa on Netflix. The first few episodes were good but sent me hunting for content warnings - I was worried that a later episode would reveal that Mie, the main character, had been raped at some point and didn't remember because of her amnesia, and I wanted some advance warning. Does the Dog Die was light on info but did at least let me know that I'd need to brace myself for something else, so hey, that's something. I've now made it to the end of episode 5 (out of 9 total), and my face is basically like this:




The verdict so far is that it's really good, but the horror aspects are occasionally almost too much for me. This is primarily a mystery/thriller series, but the way Mie's amnesia is depicted shifts the genre, at times, from mystery/thriller into horror as her brain blends times and events together in an attempt to make sense of what's going on around her.


I'll probably binge-watch the rest of the series over the weekend, if my nerves can handle that much at once.