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Ugh, the credit card stuff isn't over yet

I think I mentioned several weeks ago that my credit card number was stolen and that whoever stole it spent hundreds of dollars on gaming stuff of some sort. Well, I had been hoping I was done with this, but apparently not yet. Google dislikes that I'm disputing the charges, so I just got sent a huge packet with details about each of the charges - what was purchased, when it was purchased, the name the person used, their primary and secondary email addresses, when they created their Google account and when they added my credit card number, and partial IP addresses.




I have no idea who this person is and I'll be saying so on the form my credit card company sent, but dang I had no idea I'd be sent this much info. It's kind of appalling, even if all the info is fake.


Here's hoping the next steps go smoothly and I'll finally be told that I won't be expected to pay hundreds of dollars for this person's hundreds of Fire Emblem Heroes orbs.